\\ Speaking UP

Let’s see how long I can keep this up for.

Today is the start of a long lasting project – I’ve been writing, editing and contemplating posting this for 3 days now. I have wanted to create a blog for quite sometime and with the end of university fast approaching I thought this could be an ideal moment. I tend to write a lot, but not really for others to see. Whenever I’m thinking about something, whenever I’m feeling something, whenever I want to express something I always write it down in my phone notes and it stays there, bottled up.

I don’t like to talk openly about my work or share what’s whirling around in my head, even with those closest to me, because I don’t like to feel vulnerable, appear stupid or be misunderstood. In relation to my current degree, I think that’s why I benefited so much from creating our research developments books because I could easily and comfortably transfer everything I’m thinking into writing. There was no word limit. There was no particular way for you to document your progression. I could just write,  obviously being very analytical along the way, but it came naturally to me. Ask me to do this verbally and my voice would starting cracking 20 seconds in.

Expressing yourself is never an easy thing but by overcoming this bridge anyone can enlighten a moment, find confidence and realise your potential. By sharing a light on my own world my hope is to create this platform and transform it into a place in which I can not only document upcoming work and inspirations. But also reflect upon my ideas, feelings, plans and craziness running around in my head.

If you want to find out a little bit more about myself, head over here.