Wing-Walking Fundraiser

For my 21st birthday in January my boyfriend bought me a wing-walking experience. I never thought he listened to my mad ideas but this had to be the best birthday surprise ever!

The last time I did a fundraiser was in 2014 when I completed the 11,000ft skydive. The experience was surreal and once I landed I wanted to go straight back up and do it all over again.  Since completing my skydive I’ve said for a very long time I am going to do anther challenge, something a bit more extreme and crazy and the wing-walking gift seems like the perfect opportunity. But also its the perfect opportunity to raise money for a school which is very close to mine and my family’s hearts.

Peak Special School is a small, local authority run school. It provides a range of needs to children and young adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties, communication difficulties and those with challenging behaviour linked to their associated learning difficulties. My eldest brother Sam attended Peak School from a very young age and with their endless support, facilities and care we could always ensure little Sam would enjoy his days at school. From days out to country shows, cafes, gardens centres and swimming.

However in 2004 Sam passed away very suddenly, at the very young age of 14. Suffering from Microcephaly from birth his life was always going to be lead differently. But that never stopped our family of 7 filling it with so much love and joy, taking him caravanning, camping and sailing. But much of his child development and learning is owed to Peak Special School.

The school has various facilities, including a sensory garden and rooms and a hydrotherapy pool which are designed to stimulate and develop responses using all sense by the pupils. To give something back to this school, which supported our family and little Sam so much, on July 28th  I will be taking to the skies again strapped onto the top wing of a Boeing Stearman biplane.  Reaching speeds of 130mph I am going to experience a series of fly pasts in front of family and friends, including zoom climbs, dives and banks.

By donating you will be helping to make these pupils education safe, comfortable and achievable. There’s no reason why every pupil can’t fulfil their potential at PEAK School, so please help me make a difference to someone else’s childhood. Your support and contribution makes all the difference to their journey.

Please follow the link to my Just Giving page

Thank you for reading, and thank you for donating