Bounce Below – Defy Gravity

Want a full body workout bouncing around an underground playground?

Then this is for you.

This time last week I was returning back home to South West Wales after the best long birthday/catch-up weekend with the bestie.

As I didn’t want to spoil the surprise of our adventure I didn’t research too much about the experience before going. Apart from seeing a few photos on the website & reading a couple of reviews I didn’t have much idea of what to expect, how it would be set out or whether it was going to be enjoyable. But Bounce Below most definitely turned out to be one of the best birthday gifts I’ve ever bought & funniest experiences I’ve done so far. And a perfect excuse for a weekend getaway.

Arriving at Blaenau Ffestiniog all the staff were really welcoming and smiley despite it being a miserable wet & foggy day. We were directed for parking & shown where to sign on for adventure. Obviously, if you know Katie & I the first thing always on our mind is food and we made sure we left plenty of time to spare so we could eat in the cafe before heading to the signing in point for our allocated time slot.

The food was great in the cafe with lots of  different hot & cold foods & drink choices to set you up for the day, I highly recommend trying one of their cakes they are delicious!
Heading to check in was quick and easy, we simply had to give our name and reference booking number so be sure to have these handy. We then got given  a wrist band and we all congregated in a waiting area whilst we waited for everyone to arrive & get kitted up. There was little kit we needed, all that we were asked to wear was a hair net (very flattering) & a hard hard. Simply for our own protection as you are going underground into mining caves. But it was never a problem during my bouncing time, they are easily adjustable to fit your head size and comfy to wear. Anyways, you’re not there to look good & impress you’re they’re to have fun!
You may wonder why you’re gievn wristbands at check in, these indicate which group you’re with and how long you have bouncing. When your hours time is up the staff will call out a colour, ours being green, and then you make your way off the trampolines, simple.
Now you may think an hour is quite a short amount of time, but believe me an hour is plenty & definitely well worth the money.  Katie and I made the fatal mistake of burning all our energy within the first 10 minutes! We were going crazy jumping etween the 6 levels, heading up and down the stairs around and sliding down the slides. So take your time. Don’t go burning yourself out!
The initial step I make onto the springy nets felt a little nerve wracking, but you soon ease into the flow of things and come to terms with the fact that your bouncing above people and people are bouncing above you.
Inside there are 6 different levels of bouncing fun with stairs and slides connecting each netting and trampoline. In some sections there are giant yoga balls which you can throw around and play a bit of dodgeball with, or there are buoys hanging from the cave ceiling which are super high and a good challenge to set yourself to jump and touch.
With any adventure like this you always need to be wary of whose around. There are quite a lot of people on the trampolines all at one time, adults and children so make sure you watch out for those around. But due to the size of the trampolines you’re never squished or feel unable to bounce freely.
Our experience in the underground playground was incredible and so enjoyable. I’m struggling to put into words how much fun we had. It’s the perfect day out as a big or small group, young or old. I can’t stop recommending it to friends and family, so if you’re looking a for a little road trip and a little bit of manic fun, this is for you! It’s a unique experience and undoubtedly one you’ll never forget.
My best advice would be to make the most of the surrounding area too, if you can go for a weekend break. North Wales is a beautiful part of the country to explore. With Snowdonia at your doorstep & the Isle of Anglesey roughly 50 a minute drive away you have the best of both worlds, mountains and seas.
I still have yet to visit the magical village of Portmeirion so who knows, another zip world adventure may have to take place!
(The pictures most definitely do it no justice, that just means you’ll have to go and see it for yourselves)