2019 Plans & Promises

With only 4 days to go till the end of January I’ve finally managed to bop out this post that has been brewing in my draft folder for well over a month. What’s outlined below is more of a guideline and an aim for me to stick to and achieve, but to also give myself some sort of direction for my blog & Instagram to grow.

Well as I’m sure many of you have already noticed 2019 is well and truly upon us and already flying by as January is quickly coming to an end.

Last year I didn’t really have any plans when it came to adding posts to my blog. If I’d been away I’d basically write a diary and give every detail under the sun about my entire trip. I wrote about experiences I’d completed and I started to slowly write a few posts which target mental health and well-being.

So onto the plans for 2019…

Be more consistent – post every other Sunday from today

This year I think one of the biggest aim’s for me is to be more consistent with my blog posts. I’ve created a  content plan which has basically covered the year. It simply outlines when I post and what I post about, so it helps me stay more organised, I can plan ahead and it works around/with seasonal events like Valentines, Easter, Christmas etc. Also this links in with driving traffic from my Instagram to my blog as I can prep photos to post on my feed which refer my followers to my blog.

Focus on creating more lifestyle content

Something I really want to build on this year is focusing on the area I live and what I can share with people. Pembrokeshire has a lot to offer and I feel I’ve not valued that enough this past year. I’d like to share more places to visit and narrow these down into seasons and share good places to eat.

Share more advice & tips on travel posts rather than outline every daily detail of my trip

So far the majority of my travel posts outline every minute detail I get up to and the blog posts form more of a diary format. Which don’t get me wrong I love to do but I’m thinking this year, if & when I do go away  I’d like to try and give more advice, hints and tips rather than detail my entire holiday. Like sharing best places to eat, things to do, things to pack. You get me.

Start up ABC, Alice’s Book Club and share my favourite reads

I never read. The only time I ever read is when I’m sat on the beach or by a pool and have the time to relax and enjoy a good book. Seen as these periods of my life are very sparse I really want to make the effort this year to start reading more. The books I share might not suit everyone and they might not be on the HOT list to read right now in Waterstones. But it gets me reading and it gives me some down time before bed.

So yeah, that’s it, there may only be 4 main targets for the year but amongst everything else going on in my life, 4 is plenty! Let’s see how I get on. Thanks for reading guys.

Love, AR