5 Ways To Make Your Weekend Feel Longer

If all you can think about Monday morning is how fast your weekend flew by, then maybe it’s time to change things up a little.

Many of us feel like we live for those 2 out of 7 days that we get off in a week, I know at times I sure do, and whilst we all get the exact same number of hours off, time sure does slide by and before you know it … BAM, Monday comes back around.

The bastard.

Life wasn’t made to only be enjoyed from 5 pm on a Friday to midnight on a Sunday. Time is the most precious asset we each have and we only get given a certain amount, so don’t forget once we spend it we can’t get it back. Make every day count, especially those two days away from your workplace.

As a way to change things up from that mundane routine into something a little more exciting and fulfilling, I have 5 ideas to make your weekend feel a little bit longer than 48 hours and a little bit more precious.

Plan ahead

I’ve started to make plans way in advance. As I only get a full weekend off every 2 weeks I really try to make the most of that time. Also it stops me from basically wasting time when the weekend comes around. I often find myself saying, “I’ll do that this weekend” but then never actually accomplish anything. Ever felt like that?

So I now keep a running list of things I want to do during the weekend & then depending on weather, money, time and other fixed commitments I choose the best idea and make it happen.

A few things I’ve already planned is a spontaneous weekend away with my Sister – which is actually happening next week! I’ve planned and booked a lunch for Mother Day weekend. I’ve booked myself into some gym classes for Saturday mornings.

Your plans can be as big or small as you desire. Just remember they’re for you to look forward to and to not fall back into that trap of having plenty of good intentions, but no actions to back them up.

Get outside, embrace nature, fall back in love with your local area

Spring time is almost upon us & what better time to get outdoors. Have a look online for local walks, bike trails or outdoor activities. Maybe it’s about time you did that thing you wanted to do but never got round to doing.

Become a tourist in your local area again, I think you’ll find you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount there is to do and attractions to enjoy.

Take Pembrokeshire for example, I’m still trying to navigate my way around and I’ve been here for a year and a half now. My list is still growing with all the places I want to visit and things I want to see.

Just promise yourself, whatever other plans you have or even whatever the weather, try and spend at least some part of your weekend outdoors!


Cut down on the screen-time 

Think real hard now, how much time do you reckon you spend scrolling through social media? Taking pictures on your phone? Watching Youtube videos? Texting friends? I think we’d all be surprised as to how much time passes by (and is wasted) whilst we’re sat on our phones.

Try and go screen free at the weekend! I’m not saying it has to be the entire weekend but unhook yourself from your Ipad, or phone, or computer even if it’s just for a few hours.   I have recently set a limit on my phone as to how much time I spend on social media apps, and I highly recommend it! I get a notification 5 minutes before the limit is to expire and then I can’t access certain apps for the rest of the day.

Forget the lie-ins (sorry)

Get up and get out of bed. I know how appealing it is and how satisfying it feels not having to be out of bed at 630 am for work, but too much sleep at the weekend and getting up on a Monday morning will be 10 times harder!

Wake up and get up within an hour of your normal sleeping pattern, that way you’ll still feel refreshed and as an added bonus there’s more hours in your day to do more fun things! Also just think, by the time the rest of the world is dragging itself from out of bed you will have smashed so many things already, like walking the dog and a few household chores and you will be raring to go for the day!

Make the most of the evenings

Without a doubt evenings are my favourite time of day. Whether that’s because it means it’s nearly dinner time (always thinking of food) or whether it’s because it means I’m edging closer to being curled up in a warn, cosy bed.  Give me either, I don’t mind.

But, whilst the thought of hopping in the bath, putting on some comfy clothes and plonking yourself in front of the TV sounds very tempting. Don’t. Your evening will just fly by and you’ll be left wondering where on earth did time go!

Instead, make the most of it. Find a new restaurant you’ve not been to and go for dinner  or plan a home cooked meal and invite friends around. You could go to the cinema or go see a local show. Have a games night, go to a dance class, have a BBQ or go bowling.  The possibilities are endless.

Now many of the above are practical suggestions, but don’t forget they all require a positive mindset. If you’re already committed to making the most out of your weekend, you’re already half way there! And instead of just wearily watching the hours roll, by you’ll stroll into Monday with a beaming smile and no doubt stories to tell.

Love, AR