Shitty Week? My Top 10 Tips To Make You Feel Better

Are you like me and have just had/having a shitty day or week? You know the type where everything just seems to be going wrong.

It begins with a blow out on my car tyre, next it’s agonising wisdom toothache, then it’s working my way through the bank holiday/Easter weekend and to top it all off I get shin splints from running.

We’ve all been there and I for one know that right now I need a little pick me up, a little joy and a little laughter in my world. If you’re in the same place I’ve listed my top 10 things to do to turn your day around (and mine) and turn that frown upside down!

1. Nap

I love the quote that says, ‘I wish I were a little kid so I could take a long nap and everyone would be proud of me’

Honestly you are never to old to take a nap and sometimes it’s all we need. Just a quick 20 minute power nap, which usually turns into 2 hours if you’re anything like me, can do you the world of good. And you know what goes really well with a nap, a good cry. Just let it all out, then close your eyes and drift off.

2. Get A Sweat On

I find nothing more satisfying than getting a sweat on when I’m miserable and grumpy and need to just realise some bad vibes! I always like to go for run and put all that bad energy into working out. After a good sweat I always feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’ve cleared my head by getting outdoors.

3. Go Buy Yourself Some Flowers

One of my favourite pick me ups has to be buying myself a fresh bunch of flowers for my bedroom. Now I don’t mean, go buy yourself the fanciest bouquet from the florists, jut some daffodils from the supermarket are enough. Putting them in a make-shift vase, usually a pint glass, and just waking up in a morning and seeing them bloomed instantly makes me smile.

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4. Make A Real Good Cup Of Tea (or Coffee)

There is nothing better than coming in after a long shift at work when you feel drained and weary and just want to curl up in bed, than switching on that kettle and making yourself the mightiest cup of tea, or coffee. Hot drinks are just a miracle workers. I don’t know what I’d do without them sometimes. It is a mood changer first thing in the morning, it keeps me going during the day and then the ultimate cuppa comes at 6pm when I’m back home and that instant pick me up. Cup that drink in your hands and just hug it. Stare at it dreamily.

5. Read A Book

Read something that you don’t want to put down. Whether it’s a romantic novel or a murder mystery, read something that grips you and you get lost in the pages. As an added bonus, have another cup of tea to top it off.

6. Take A Hot Shower / Bath

I look forward to this moment each and every day. I don’t know whether it’s because we have just had a newly fitted bathroom with a massive powerful shower head or because I just love feeling clean and refreshed; lathering myself in soap, massaging my head, exfoliating my skin and standing under the spray mindlessly. Obviously don’t go having shower that take 20 minutes or filling your bath to the brim every night – not good for the environment. But when you are treating yourself, when you really need that hot water therapy treat it like you’re in a spa and indulge yourself.

7. Visit Your Favourite Local Place

Since moving to Pembrokeshire this place has always been my go-to space where I just unwind and recharge, if you’re ever visiting may I suggest visiting Barafundle Bay. Sometimes meandering around in the car and heading down country lanes can be the best way to clear that mind. But if you know a specific location where you just feel at peace and comfortable, it really is therapeutic.

8. Bake Something Delicious

Nothing quite says ‘cheer up lassy’ than a chunky slice of  triple layer chocolate cake! Or lemon cake. Or pastries. Oh, anything that’s sweat and naughty. I love to bake, I’m not the best, but making something that you know you’ve created from scratch really does feel rewarding, especially when it can be enjoyed by others too! And when I say it’s made with love I really mean I licked the spoon and kept using it!

9. Phone A Friend / Family Member

Phoning people nowadays almost seems unheard of. Who phones people anymore? Everyone just texts each other or sends them a photo on Snapchat or creates an Instagram story. But recently I made myself a promise to pick up the phone more often and call someone, whether it be my mum or grandma or sister or bestie. Hearing someone else’s voice and talking to someone I can put my trust in and value is someone you need in your life when you need to vent. And trust me people like this are invaluable!

10. Watch Something That’s Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

We all have that one show that makes us howl with laughter regardless of how many times we’ve watched it, for me its Michael McIntyre every time. Just thinking about certain clips of the show and how true to life they are makes me giggle. So go, turn on one of your favourite programmes and just enjoy that moment and cry with laughter.

So, then, how do you handle a crappy day?

Love, AR


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