Gifts Ideas this Christmas

There is so much joy and love around this time of year as it’s the perfect occasion to spend meaningful time with the people you love the most. Amongst all the hustle and bustle of Christmas cheer, there is sadly a lot of pressure to give that ‘perfect’ gift and the accumulation of unnecessary ‘stuff’ can quickly take its toll. On top of that, there is our big ass planet to think about, which is why this Christmas instead of dampening myself with the stress of present buying and unnecessary waste I shopped sustainably and friendly!

So, want to tread lightly on the planet whilst still spoiling your loved ones? Here’s my ideas to help you out.

  1. Experiences – Personally my favourite kind of gift! There are so many experience gifts out there and something to suit everyone. Things I’ve purchased in the past which have been a massive hit: jewellery workshops, boat days, adventure days, spa treatments,  afternoon tea and weekend aways. Check out Posh Totty Designs and RibRide – an idea for him or her. Or use AirBNB to find a quirky home for the weekend.
  2. Shop Small – Avoid the big queues in the department stores and instead support your local and independent brands. Aside from the experience gifts I’ll be giving this year, I’ve bought all my other gifts from small independent businesses in my area. A few of my favourites are Jago, Solva Woollen Mill and Mundos.
  3. DIY – Whether it’s something you’ve baked or made, a homemade gift is so special and personal. Why not bake a tray of festive cookies and decorate with icing, design your own Christmas cards or make scented candles?
  4. Reuse – Purchase gifts that can be reused. Got a friend who loves the outdoors? Maybe a water bottle would come in handy. Got a sister who’s a teacher? She’d most likely appreciate a reusable coffee cup. Plastic freedom have some amazing sustainable and eco-friendly products!
  5. The gift of TIME – A dinner date, a walk on the beach, a cycle in the woods or an afternoon picnic. Time is the most valuable of all gifts and in my opinion the most treasured.

If all else fails, just ask your family and friends what they would like/need for Christmas. I know it kind of takes the surprise out of Christmas but it’s better to get something that will be put to good use rather than looked at once, and then popped at the back of the cupboard to collect dust.

Love, AR