2020, The Best Is Yet To Come

If you read my 2019 Plans & Promises at the beginning of last year you’ll know that I love setting goals. And whilst setting goals is GREAT, and however hard I try to stick by them, fixating on them isn’t very healthy – even if I do feel crappy when I don’t achieve all of them.

So this year, I’m going to change things up a little. I’m going to set myself small goals every month. Achievable goals. One’s that I can quite literally tick off the list! That way I’ll be feeling positive and accomplishing new and exciting tasks throughout the entire year… winner winner!

In regards to my blog and how it’s grown over the past year, if I’m entirely honest I’m proud of what I’ve created and shared with you. 2019 was essentially my first full year creating content for my blog and yes whilst it may have been a little hazy here and there, it’s been a year of experimenting, throwing myself into it, falling out of love with it and falling back in love with it. For me it’s just the perfect way to express myself, share my views, share my advice and share my life. Rather than film an IGTV or Youtube video, I write. But I’m excited. I’m excited for 2020 and I’m confident about the type of content I want to make and share with so many new posts already in the pipeline!

So what’s changing? What’s staying the same? Blog-wise I plan to redesign the blog and create a space which is clean, easier to navigate and clear to soak up all of my nonsense. I’ll still be sticking to posting every other Sunday which will be a mix of travel, life and style. The thing that will most likely be taking most of the limelight it yet to be signed and sealed but once I am certain I can share it with you, you shall be bombarded. Over on Instagram I want to start introducing text into my feed. I save a lot of wallpapers by Emily Coxhead, Poppy Deyes and other incredible illustrators and designers and when I read them I find them so relatable and honest, so I hope to link those to upcoming posts and share their work with you.

But for now, that’s it from me. Here’s to another unpredictable year!

Love, AR