10 Reasons Why January Isn’t The Worst Month Of The Year

As months of the year go January has a pretty bad rep.

March brings us daffodils, August brings us warm light evenings, even dark, wet November brings us fireworks and well December brings us all the joy and sparkle!

However let me just tell you this rep is pretty undeserved. Whilst you continue mourning for the cheer of Christmas I shall highlight why January is a pretty fabulous month. Hopefully it will make you think again about how you spend January 2021. They’ll be no more hibernating under your duvet and just ‘getting through it’.

1. New beginning

What’s not to love about the opportunity to start a fresh?

Whether you’ve planned out the next 12 months to a tee, got a list of new year resolutions or plan to live the next 12 months spontaneously, there is something undeniably exciting about the clean slate that you get in January.

2. The weather is dreadful

Which only means one thing. Sofa + snacks + movies. I’m sorry but what’s so bad about that?

3. January sales

No other month does sales quite like a January sale. Remember the pair of boots and that coat you’ve been lusting over all year? Well now you can treat yourself as everything is less than half price!

4. Mornings start getting brighter

5. It’s the only month where doing nothing is encouraged

Ok maybe there is a major lack of funds after the overhaul of gift buying at Christmas, but don’t pretend your not enjoying staying in and watching Netflix all day

6. You feel extra healthy and motivated, and it’s contagious

Not only thanks to your ‘new year, new me’ diet and exercise overhaul. Everyone is on the resolutions bandwagon determined to accomplish all their goals

7. Its so god damn cold

…And I love it! Oversized knit? Yes. Boots? Yes. Coat? Yes. Scarf? Yes. Winter is the perfect season to layer up with all your stylish pieces.

8. You’ll barely spend any money

You weren’t the only one buying excessive gifts and wine in December, but with no more gifts to buy, no more festive nights out and no more hefty food bills you’ll find your bank balance will slowly start to recover and you’ll end up saving more.



10. There’s so much left over chocolate

The best one yet. Just in case you do find yourself having a bad January day then there’s still plenty of chocolate left over which instantly makes everything better!

I think that pretty much sums up why January shouldn’t been deemed as the worst month of the year. It’s chapter one, it’s when your motivation is at its peak and all your best ideas come to you.

Love, AR