Staying Positive During COVID-19

I think it’s fair to say we’re all going through various emotional states right now as COVID-19 continues it’s global impact. As the entire world essentially comes to a complete stand still it feels like we’ve surfed the most unpredictable waves. We thought this wouldn’t hit home and we dismissed how serious COVID-19 really is, all the way to panicking buy and emptying our supermarkets and now complete lockdown.

I find the overwhelming media coverage surrounding every movement of this virus makes it very hard not to panic and live in fear- that it is a natural response, and it definitely feels like an unusual time to talk about being positive. But I feel that is a core ingredient right now as we drift in these unfamiliar waters and cope with this challenging time.

Now more than ever, is the time to be proactive and create those small moments of happiness. I’d like to share with you some reasons why to stay positive and how to stay positive and hopefully they will help lighten this uncertain time.

1. Limit your media intake

Sure we need to keep updated on government advice and continue to follow the guidelines but listening to the news and reading articles day in day out really does out mental health no good. It creates low energy levels and negative thoughts and conversations. Why not tune in for just 30 minutes either in the morning, mid-day or at the end of the day to get the necessary updates and continue with your day.

2. Follow positive accounts on Instagram

Fill your feed with positive, inspiring people. People that shed light on any difficult moment and simply make you smile when you scroll through your feed. Here are a couple of my fave:






Just because we have to distance ourselves from each other socially doesnt mean we have to isolate ourselves from each other. Thanks to the crazy world of technology there are so many ways to stay connected with friends and family. Video calling via Facetime, Skype or Houseparty and texting or phoning are all easily accessible to us. I’v personally made big effort to check in on family and friends far more often which has helped me a great deal and doesn’t leave me feeling alone.

4. Learn something new

Whether you’ve suddenly gained an abundance of time due to no work, or whether you’ve suddenly gained more work and have a limited amount of time, whatever situation you may be in embrace it. Work with it and try something new. A few things you could practice and learn are:

  • Cooking – download an online cookbook and try out some new, healthy recipes
  • Learn a new language – Duolingo is a create app
  • Learn to knit
  • Get arty – learn to draw, calligraphy, paint, sketch
  • Try an online course

5. Dream. Plan your next adventure

Traveling may be onhold for the time being but it doesn’t mean we can’t dream or plan our next adventures. Don’t let this mishap faze you and don’t lose the passion for travel. Why not create a Pinterest board to keep that adventure alive within you.


Whether the weather is nice or miserable, get up and get out. It can be brisk or gentle walk, a jog or a sprint, getting outside and getting some fresh air and excercise will always do you the world of good. Plus you can use Youtube and try out a yoga or pilates class and also continue to support and follow your local gym on social media and join them in a live workout from your living room.

7. Netflix, Netflix, Netflix

Why the heck not?! I don’t think we need persuading with this one.

8. Use this time for self-care

I’m always looking for any silver lining I can find and whilst this doesn’t distract from the severity of our current situation, self-care is possibly the biggest silver lining that I see right now. It is often pushed to the side during our busy lives, but right now it seems right to be taking the time to care for ourselves and replenish ourselves.

Not sure where to start, check out ‘Shitty week? My Top 10 Tips To Make You Feel Better

9. Get organised

It looks like we’re in this for a while so why not create that list of tasks to do and get them checked off. Whether it’s sorting out your cupboards and storage, getting that inbox back to 0, completing housework or tidying up the garden for summer. It will sure help to pass a few hours also free up your mental capacity.

If you’ve found a different way to stay positive, let me know!

Love, AR