I thought I’d share something a little different today. I always seem to think whenever I’m writing or reading other blogs that everyone already knows you quite well. But I guess apart from what I read and watch on Instagram and what we choose to share on our blogs we usually know very little about that person. So I thought it would be nice to share some light on me, my life and a few random things too.

Age? Born? Live? Height?

The basics: I’m Alice, middle name is Rose. I’m 24, I am 5 foot 11, I grew up in the High Peak and for the past 3 years I have lived in Pembrokeshire.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and a snack – what would be your ideal dishes?

Ok, I’ve thought about this a lot, like probably way to much! So breakfast would have to be a classic bacon, sausage and egg butty with tomato ketchup. For lunch I would go for my grannies homemade chunky, vegetable soup with a crusty baguette and lashings of butter. Dinner would have to be Di’s ( my boyfriends mum) famous beef lasagne, I’d eat this everyday of the year if I could. For pudding it has to be banoffee pie and for a snack it would have to be a warm mince pie and cream.

Summer or winter?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a sucker for scorching hot sunshine and a day tanning by the pool but, I am a winter child through and through. I love nothing more than waking up in a warm snuggly bed to a crisp, frosty morning and the winter sun streaming in through your windows. I love snow, I love chilly weather as it’s the perfect excuse to wear big knits and I love evenings cosying up by a roaring fire drinking hot chocolate.

What’s your go to outfit?

High-waisted jeans and a big jumper.

Did you go to university?

Yes I studied at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. I graduated from university back in 2017 with a first in Photography (BAHons). Even though I haven’t headed down the photographic career path I wouldn’t change those 3 years for anything. They were undoubtedly my best 3 years in education, and life!

How did you and Henry meet?

I get asked this a lot and it’s never been an easy question to answer. So I’ve known part of Henry’s family since infant school and I went through my school years with his cousin. Henry and I first crossed paths when I was playing netball one evening at our local lesiure centre and Henry was playing football. I actually didn’t take much notice of him, I never have been a confident person around boys and I’d never had a boyfriend before Henry! But apparently Henry saw me, asked his cousin who I was and then a few days later he messaged me on Facebook. Almost 8 1/2 years later here we are!

Where do you find inspiration for your posts?

Everywhere! Sometimes I can be scrolling through Instagram and watch or read something which can get the cogs rolling. I can be walking the dog or walking through a town and see something that inspires me and I’d like to share my perspective. Places I visit locally, trips abroad, everyday life, my personal health – the simplest of things can spark ideas.

What is your favourite holiday?

Being a winter lover I am all about Christmas, I may be 24 but that means nothing. I still get so unbelievably excited about Christmas and everything that comes with it, whether it be spending time with family, devouring pigs in blankets, endless board games or boxing day walks. It’s just the perfect time of year.

Where do you want to travel to next?

My best friend and I actually have a holiday booked for the beginning of July to Malta. We’re not sure yet whether this is going ahead but it is somewhere I have always wished to go. It may just look like a tiny speck of land on a map but the scenary, architecture, history and local food looks incredible and I am so excited to go! Like I said before, I love hot weather and Malta seems the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the glorious sunshine whilst being able to explore the islands and discover its culture.

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Organised, attentive and optimistic

Another little fun fact about me, I always tie my hair back when I eat, it’s serious business!

Love, AR