Our First Home: We bought a house!


I can’t believe I just wrote that! I have been waiting so so long to share with you guys our super exciting news. Henry and I have bought our first home together!

The past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions, some expected, some not. I can’t say this is something we had planned for this year because it definitely wasn’t. We didn’t really have the whole ‘house hunting’ thing planned for at least another 1/2 years. But that didn’t stop us (me) from browsing through property listings just to see what was available.

You’re probably wondering, well why did we buy this house then? Property like ours very rarely comes available on the market in Pembrokeshire and if it does, it is quickly snapped up and turned into a holiday let. The house was only on the market for 5 weeks, it was highly sort after, had so many viewings and lots of offers. I found the cottage by accident one evening, 2 weeks before Christmas. I was simply scrolling through Zoopla, browsing the market for any new releases and West Farm Cottage was the first to appear.

Henry and I both had ideas in mind of what we wanted at our house, mine being a utility room and 2/3 bedrooms, henrys being a garage and near the coast. This house offers everything we asked for and more!

It is set in the most idyllic location only 2 miles from the most breathtaking beach in Pembrokeshire, it has a large but easily maintainable garden, a humungous garage and the perfect living space – it just didn’t seem real, which is why I think it felt so right and why we had to give it a shot and put an offer in. Within 1 week of finding the house online, we viewed it, we had meetings booked with the bank, we secured our AIP and we put an offer in. 3 days after Christmas Day we’re nervously waiting to hear if our offer had been accepted and at the beginning of the new year we’re agreeing and signing our mortgage. Then Corona got in the way and slowed things down a little, but next thing you know we’re signing a little more paperwork and we got the keys!

Moving in and spending our first night here was really strange. It didn’t feel like ours, it kind of felt like we were just staying over at another AirBNB on holiday for a few days and that we’d be going back to the farm soon. Now we’ve been here almost 2 weeks and it’s beginning to feel like our own. We’re already discussing ideas, changing old plans and coming up with new ones. I think we just needed time to settle in and get to know our surroundings.

I can’t even put into words how excited I am and even though we are a long long way off being anywhere near to home sweet home, the vision and ideas are there and I know it’s going to be the perfect little seaside, country cottage. Finding a place of our own has always been an open conversation between Henry and I, we’ve been together 8 1/2 years, lived together at his parents for almost 3 years, so we knew at some point we would be ready to find our own little spot.

We said 2019 was the best year of our lives, and now it’s about to get even more exciting!

And so begins the change of my Instagram, what was once filled with cute puppy photographs is now beautiful, but envious, home accounts, decor and design inspiration. With that in mind and with the excitement of wanting to share everything with you I shall be talking all things house throughout the year on Love, Alice Rose. I will be sharing all our renovations, the before and afters, share my homeware hauls and also share where we got our ideas and inspirations.

Also any advice or tips would be the biggest help as we navigate this next exciting adventure in our lives!

Love, AR