House Diaries: 1 Month In

Henry and I have officially been home owners and living in our little cottage for just over a month now and we’re loving it.

I have definitely come to realise Rome wasn’t built in a day and whilst I may be so so envious of all those who I follow on Instagram who seem to erect these beautiful interiors so quickly and so swiftly, I am learning to be patient and just enjoy dwindling along. Plus, being an indecisive person and making rash decisions does no bode well with me, so I guess it’s good to have the time to think things through, over and over again.

Design and interiors has always been something I enjoy to research and discover and getting on the property ladder was a dream come true for me. To know that all those ideas I have whirling around in my head, all the inspiration I’ve found on Pinterest and the relentless saving of Instagram posts finally have the chance to come to life, makes me so happy! Before we even had the keys, before we even had confirmation that we’d secured the house, we were planning. A little premature I know, but we both had such a spur of ideas especially as we are essentialy working with a blank canvas, we just couldn’t resist.

Originally I did plan for certain things to be done before we moved in, before we have our first guests, before we invite anyone over infact. I went as far as making an entire spreadsheet with a timetable of all the tasks to be completed (inspired by the wonderful Emily Coxhead). But that basically went straight out the window the day we got the keys and you know what, it doesn’t matter! I’m slowly coming to learn that despite how impatient I can be; work, our non-bottomless bank account and my need for things to be done right rather than fast, means that however long these jobs may take, I’m ok with that.

So I guess you’d like to know where we’re at and what we’ve been doing. Well, we have a gaping hole in the fireplace as Henry removed the gas fire and knocked out all the brickwork to open up the chimney, but we do have the tiles on order and mantle being cut as we speak. We have no carpets or decent flooring of any kind for that matter, nothing has yet seen a speck of paint and the TV is still sat on an ice box in the corner of the lounge (unplugged). I have finally finished sanding and painting the dining table and chairs which I’m really please, a cheap upcycle never hurt no one. I’ve removed all the laminate off the kitchen cupboards – I’m still debating on the colour/brand of paint, and we’ve started removing some hedges in the garden, trimming other hedges back and keeping on top of the lawn! I must say Henry’s turned into quiet the chief gardener and I think he’s secretly enjoying it, the other say he told someone ‘yes we could really do with some rain, my grass is looking so burnt!’

We’ve still got a long way to go but with our target in mind for the end of September (install the log burner and get all rooms painted) we’re making progress in the right direction.

I’ll give you another update soon, hopefully by then we’ll have some tiles installed and paint on the walls. Forever hopeful!

Love, AR