The Last 100 Days

A guide to help me end 2020 on a high!

How is there only 100 days to go until the end of the year?! January 2020 seems like a lifetime ago and yet here we are… ignore the Halloween costumes and fireworks on display for bonfire night, Christmas decorations are already on the high street and I’m seeing advent calendars making there way onto our supermarket shelves!

I always find when we get to this time of year it’s tempting to admit defeat and let the last few months of the year run away with us. In the past I’ve put plans and ideas on hold and waited until the new year to pick them back up. I’m a huge Autumn/Winter lover and I get so excited in the run up to Christmas but I hate the thought that I’m wishing away time. Right now with our current climate it’s even more tempting to do that given we’re living a very abnormal 2020.

For now though instead of focusing on things I’ve done, I am going to start a list of all the things I want to do more of before the year is over…

Whilst I may have been able to achieve many wonderful things alongside a global pandemic there’s still a lot I’ve turned a blind eye too. With 100 days to go until the new year rolls in I’m determined to focus my time on doing more of the things I want to do more of.

Say Hey To Exercise

Ok don’t get me wrong I walk Shep on a daily basis, also bare in mind he is a collie so he needs plenty of exercise to tire him out, and I go play in the sea surfing and paddle boarding but if we’re talking about some serious sweaty exercise – yeah I do close to zero!

Now this isn’t essentially to get me feeling fitter and healthier it’s also to help out mentally. It’s been forever since I had a ‘proper’ routine and it’s time I kicked my ass into gear. I’m determined to push myself and get back out running again. It’s coming up to a year since I last ran, Cardiff half marathon was my last run! I want to get back out either morning or night and have that ‘feel good’ moment again.

Push myself more

Water is my biggest fear, I’m not sure why. I partly blame the fact that I have watched way too many scary films based near/in the ocean or lakes, also I’m a poor swimmer and panic the minute I’m out of my depth.

So I’m currently in the process of looking to buy a longboard in the hope that it encourages me to get out and practice surfing more. I’d have my own board to play around with and I could go out on my own in smaller waves even if Henry’s not around. It’s not so ideal that I’m giving myself this kick up the ass at the end of summer as all the waves and weather are much harsher during the winter periods but different conditions will hopefully help me build my confidence.

Get creative content/business planning

I know I’m only supposed to be focusing on the next 100 days, but the amount of planning, preparing and researching I achieve over the next 100 days will massively help my next big 2021 venture. I’m already spending a lot of my spare time content planning, website designing, product sourcing and researching and I’m loving it. I can’t yet say what Henry and I have in store for 2021 but I have never been so excited about something especially when it’s something we’ve both dreamt and spoken about for a long time.

Do more of this

I vowed I would bring more content, more weekend adventures and house content to you this year and I really haven’t stood by my word. I’ve missed it so much. I know house wise I hope to bring a few updates and up-cycles to you over the coming 100 days. I read so many other blogs and when I read them I remember why I love it so much. I have no other excuses other than I haven’t been making the time to write here at Love, Alice Rose. Fingers crossed it happens again.

Whilst many of us may be happy to see the back of this year it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t let the last few days fly away with us. Apart from being freaking kind to yourself, because let’s be honest nothing about this year has been simple, what would you like to do, plan or achieve in the next 3 months?

Love, AR