Tips For A Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Christmas

Image credit: Homey Oh My

Anyone else feel like Christmas is a flurry of wrapping paper, stickers, ribbon and consumerism. I always try my best to be more sustainable and eco friendly so I thought I would share some quick tips on how to have a more eco friendly festive season this year.

  1. Less is always more – Every year I always feel so tempted to splash out and spoil by family and friends, know the feeling? But in recent years and even more significantly (as I am now a home owner and really have to cut back) I want to keep things minimal. I’ve learnt over the years that gifting one or two things that are of value and importance are treasured and appreciated far more than lots of little gifts.
  2. Experiences – My favourite kind of gift to give. I love buying family and friends experience gifts, not only are they the perfect excuse to include yourself in the adventure, but they so much fun, you get to learn something new or see somewhere new and its a great memory. It could be an adventure day out; I highly recommend Bounce Below or Go Below, both in North Wales. A cookery class, tickets to a show/comedy, spa treatment, weekend away, jewellery making (Posh Totty Designs organise great workshops), cocktail making, pottery or even walking an alpaca! There are so many options out there, Not On The High Street have lots of choices, check them out here.
  3. Eco Kits – I’ve seen so many of these appear online over the past year and some look really cool. To encourage a more eco friendly lifestyle these are great gifts for him or her. You could either buy a pre-prepared and packed kit or create a sustainable hamper yourself and fill it with goodies such as a coffee cup, bamboo toothbrush, reusable water bottle, reusable face cloths or whatever you think they might like. You could even make a themed eco kit such a beauty box full of ethical brands. Check out online shops like The Kind Store to find items.
  4. Plants – Ever since moving into our new home I’ve taken a full appreciation for plants, inside and outside. Everyone loves a good plant


  1. Avoid plastic wrapping paper – Consider wrapping your gifts in traditional brown paper, Pinterest have some great ideas in ways you can make your wrapping look exciting and unique whether it be adding foliage, paint, string or even pine cones!
  2. Avoid excessive plastic gift wrapping – When is come to personalising your wrapping try your best to avoid plastic ribbons (fabric ones are good, especially if the other person likes to keep ribbons and reuse it on future gifts), stickers, plastic tags. Anything which is more challenging to recycle give it a miss.
  3. Reuse packaging – If someone gifts you a present wrapped in beautiful packaging, save it. Carefully unwrap it to minimise damage and then reuse it on a future gift.
Image credit: Caroline Burke