5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do A Beach Clean

If you follow me on social media you will know I am a big fan of a beach clean. I have done them across the country from the north coast of Scotland to the south coast of Cornwall and find them to be so satisfying and rewarding.

Now I know the beach isn’t accessible to everyone everyday, but I’m pretty certain that at some point throughout the year each and every one of you will visit the beach for a day of playing in the sand, splashing in the sea and pick up a few shells here and there. Whether you visit a beach in the UK or abroad all are important and all need our care.

I want to share with you my top 5 reasons why you should get involved in your own beach clean.


It saves our wildlife on land and deep within the oceans. We’ve woken up many mornings to horrifying headlines about sea life that has suffered and died due to consuming or being trapped by waste that was in the ocean. When our waste washes up on our shorelines we have the opportunity to remove it before the tide catches it again. Removing any pieces of litter whether it’s a bottle cap, plastic bag or fishing net contributes even in the smallest of ways to reduce wildlife coming in contact with it and improves the chances of any disruption occurring in the marine life cycle.


I’ve completed many beach cleans and even to this day I feel the same way I did when I competed my first. Alongside that great sense of achievement comes an overwhelming and eye-opening discovery that however many times I set out to pick up waste the pile never seems fade. Seeing the impacts of our throwaways in front of your eyes gives you the biggest kick up the butt to make a change and encourages you to be part of a positive future. You feel good to be making a difference, however small to our ageing planet. Trust me, next time you’re in the supermarket you won’t be paying for those those plastic bottles of water once you’ve picked up hundreds on a beach!


Next time you do a beach clean, watch those around you. The influence just one person walking along a beach picking up litter can have on passerby’s is powerful. Your actions inspire others. Sharing your experience online also reaches even more people and encourages them to follow in your footsteps. I know for myself that posting a photo on Instagram of the waste I collected opens peoples eyes and encouraged them to reduce their plastic consumption.


Ok, you may not be responsible for that plastic bottle or own that shoe, but we as humans are responsible for all our trash.


Come rain or shine a beach clean is possible and you know the best part? You get to be outdoors amongst the natural beauty of the coastline. It’s the perfect opportunity to easily burn some calories, engage your muscles and recharge your batteries.

Beach clean at Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire

Taking into consideration all of the above I am certainly not implying that a single beach cleanup will rid our oceans of plastic and litter, but it does raise awareness about the pollution we are causing. It is a fundamental activity in which we can focus on the environment and learn how to protect it.

Let me know how your beach clean goes

Love, AR