21 Things To Do This January

Hello 2021, boy are we glad to see you!

We always seem to try and convince ourselves that this is the perfect time of year to challenge ourselves and set, unknowingly, unachievable goals and jump on the diet bandwagon, but this year it feels different. This year I feel strangely optimistic and upbeat. I guess that has something to do with the fact that the last year was so unbelievably bizarre and unexpected.

At the beginning of last year I shared my 10 Reasons Why January Isn’t The Worst Month Of The Year and this year I intend to continue making your January a little bit brighter by sharing my top 21 things to do this month. Onwards and upwards guys!

1. Zoflora the sh*t out of your home.

2. Start planning your summer vacays, surely we can dream about those now?

3. Go for a long beach or forest walk

4. Think about doing dry Jan

5. And then think of the 175743 reasons not to

6. Treat yourself to a new notepad. The ruled lines will help keep you on the straight and narrow (or so you think)

7. Spend a LOT of dingo dollars on spine tinglingly expensive gym leggings because that’s the kind of emotional support you need when you’re trying to convince yourself you need to join a gym class

8. Consider restarting your gym membership (obvs only if you’re not in Tier 4), trust me it will humour you

9. Declutter. After all you need to make room for those Christmas gifts

10. Go grab all the reduced mince pies in the supermarket

11. Rearrange your entire home now Christmas is packed away

12. Clean up that inbox and unsubscribe from everything

13. Go vegan for a month, after all if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em

14. Give your house plants that extra bit of love, show them the appreciation they deserve. Water them, mist them, give them some words of growing wisdom. Houseplant Appreciation Day, January 10th 2021

15. Clean out your wardrobe and donate your clothes to a new home

16. Binge watch an entire series: The Crown, Bridgerton, The Queens Gambit, Dark, Emily In Paris – the list goes on…

17. Submerge yourself in a cauldron full of soup for lunch every day

18. Grab yourself something nice in the January sales, after all we’ll have to leave the house and get out of our loungewear soon

19. Learn a new skill or game, if you watch Queens Gambit you may get a little addicted to chess, just sayin’

20. Get that platter board out (again) and unwrap all of your favourite cheeses and biscuits for 20th January 2021, Cheese Lover Day!

21. Bake some croissants or just nip to the shop and grab yourself one of those ready-to-bake Jus-Rol Croissants Dough in honour of Croissant Day, 30th January 2021.