My 30 Before 30 Bucket List

On Sunday I hit my 25th birthday and for some reason it has made me think a lot about the fact that in 5 years time I will be turning 30! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not at all worried or afraid of aging, that’s life and there is a time and a season for everything. I’m grateful that I know a little more than I did in my early 20’s but I’m also excited that there is still so much to discover and wisdom to gain.

But it has made me realise how quickly time goes by! And I want to see out these next few years by achieving things I didn’t think was possible and just celebrate what it really means to live.

I’ve really enjoyed making this list and I think its going to be a great tool for me to use. I think if you plan to create a list yourself this is what I advise:

Be realistic – I’ve thought about cost, locations and whether they’re actually possible to achieve. I intend to completed everything on this list. They are goals and plans not just ideas or dreams.

Sit on your list for a while – I started this list months ago which has allowed me to sit on it for a while. I’ve asked what they hope to achieve and it’s given me the time to think about all those things which I think ‘oh I like to try that one day’.

Tell someone – I was hesitant about sharing this list as for some reason by sharing it with you makes it very real. What if I don’t achieve everything? What if someone thinks something is totally impossible? What if someone is negative and has no hope in what I want to achieve? To be quite honest I pretty comfortable with my own goals and if anything I hope it inspires others.

Write it down and read it – Keep your list in sight, remind yourself what you’re working towards, update your list as you go along and cross each thing off as its happen!

So here goes…

1. Host Christmas for my family

2. Climb a legit mountain

3. Spend New Year’s Eve in a different country

4. Read all the Harry Potter books

5. Run a marathon

6. Take a hot air balloon ride

7. Visit 5 new European countries

8. Walk the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

9. See the Northern Lights

10. Drive the NC500

11. Buy a VW van

12. Take a reindeer ride in Lapland

13. Ski at Val d’isere or some other far-flung destination

14. Visit the Jurassic coast line

15. Hire a boat and stay on the Norfolk broads

16. See Michael McIntyre live

17. Grow my own vegetables ✔️

18. Take a course – possibly a pilate course

19. Design and buy my dream kitchen with an island

20. Run my own BNB

21. Learn to surf

22. Make pasta from scratch

23. Learn to change a tyre

24. Host a dinner party

25. Become more sustainable

26. Have a go at riding a horse (they terrify me)

27. Set myself another challenge to raise money for Peak School, Chinley

28. Stay on a canal boat

29. Get 2 new ear piercings

30. See Lion King

Well there you go, it’s out there, now let’s make them happen.

Love, AR