House Diaries: Plans For the Year Ahead

If you’re renovating your property I’m sure you can understand the never ending list of jobs to do, quotes to compare, items to source and bank balance to check and double check.

The past few weeks I have written out and printed the list of jobs that need to be completed in every room of our house. As much of an eye soar they may be stuck to each of our very attractive fire doors they are what I class as clarity, productivity and visionary if you like!

I’ve spent the last few months contacting various companies for quotes for numerous jobs across the house, internal and external. As eager as I am to furnish, perfect the interior and make our house feel as homely as possible I am also a realist and fully aware that the more major jobs need to be addressed first in order to add those finer details.

So here’s a little look at what I’m hoping we’ll work towards and achieve this year, fingers crossed…


House – The biggest exterior job to achieve this year is having new soffits installed, we are in desperate need of replacements at the front of the house and I’d like to get these renewed in time for summer.

Garden – Other external jobs I’d like to complete this year is to remove another hedge from the garden which stands next to the oil tank. The hedge we removed last summer has made a huge difference to the garden, it has given us so much extra space (not that we need it) and despite being very apprehensive at first about taking it out – mainly because I didn’t want my garden to get trashed by mud, weeds and garden waste – but wow, now that the grass has grown its going to be so lovely to enjoy in the summer months.

Anyways, the section of hedge I’d like to remove is a little maze-like at the moment and unnecessary. But the main purpose of removing the hedge is because we’d like to fit a LARGE shed in this space. Fingers crossed my ma and pa can come down again in summer to help us smash this out and get it removed.

I’d also love to build a new garden table and bench, totally inspired by Claire at CK_Homestyle. I will be very impressed if I manage to succeed at building it, Claire makes everything look so easy and stylish!


Throughout – I would love to get some advice and address our plumbing and boiler. Ideally we want a combi as this is most efficient for the size of our house, also we would like to relocate the boiler so it would be good to know our options. We are also on the saving train for new radiators, I’m a sucker for column radiators and would like these fitted throughout the house.

Spare Bedroom – We’re underway with changing the sockets, switches and creating my little office nook in here. I’d like to get this room finished to a half decent standard by the end of March and have the panelling fitted, desk and shelves in the nook, a new ceiling light, new skirting and architrave. Oh, plus find a double bed that isn’t extortionate in price!

Master Bedroom – I hope to start work over the coming months on the master bedroom, get the beams sanded, floor treated, new skirting fitted, install at least 2 more plug sockets, fit a new ceiling light, paint the walls, look at creating the ship lap panelled wall behind the bed with the hidden cupboard featured (if Henry agrees to this that is). Also weigh up our options around getting fitted wardrobes installed; do we attempt it ourselves or just get a professional in?

Living Room – I hope to get the living room in a much better state than it is now. The list of jobs include: finishing the tiling behind the fireplace, sort the log burner, curtains fitted, stairs painted, once we get the radiators and pipes sorted then look at getting a quote towards the end of the year for a built in alcove unit and add a few more furnishings to make it a little more homely!

On top of all this, and to some it might not seem a lot but to my bank account it’s a hard hit, we also hope to start the renovation on the garage.

In regards to the bathroom, dining room, kitchen and utility I don’t intend to really make any changes to these areas, as hideous as they have come to be! I have big plans to change the layout of the ground floor, but this is something that will have to wait until we simply have the money but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep planning, sourcing and dreaming! The bathroom on the other hand will remain the same until it falls apart, haha!

It all feels so daunting and scary and there is so much to do and so many little jobs that crop up along the way without you realising. But hey ho, it will slowly start coming together eventually, or at least that what I keep telling myself.

Love, AR