21 Things To Do This March

Well, what a beautiful sunny weekend we seem to have all had the pleasure of enjoying. Round of applause to February for ending on such a high!

I’m so excited for the lighter, warmer evenings and the past few days of sunshine has lifted my mood so much. With a new month on the horizon I wanted to share with you, again, 21 wonderful things for you to do, try and enjoy this March

  1. Give your mama all the lovin’ on Mothers Day whether it’s being able to visit her from a distance or virtually over zoom show her how much you love her
  2. Take a stroll around your local park or nature trail and watch as they start to burst with colour
  3. Celebrate St. Patricks day with an obligatory Guinness
  4. Continue eating pancakes for breakfast
  5. Start planning your back garden – the sunnier and warmer days are coming and now is the perfect time to start considering what flowers you’d like to plants, veg you’d like to grow and furniture you’d like to lounge on
  6. Change your clocks – prepare yourself to lose an hour of sleep and wind those clocks forward on 28th March
  7. Celebrate the beginning of spring on 20th March
  8. Do something unexpected: as spring as sprung and the time when everything comes alive again, start this new season by doing something totally out of the blue
  9. Go geocaching – get the app and join the treasure hunt.
  10. Spring clean!
  11. Honour International Women’s Day (8th March) by virtually raising a glass with your favourite gals
  12. Dig out your favourite floral duvet cover or if you’re like me go out and buy one for the occasion
  13. Get out for a gentle 5k now those evenings are lighter
  14. Buy yourself a bunch of tulips
  15. Indulge in some toasted hot cross buns with lashings of butter
  16. Treat your toes to a little pedicure, open toe season is looming and those trotters need some lovin’
  17. Shave those legs!
  18. Set your alarm clock half an hour earlier and rise with the sun
  19. Try a new seasonal dish
  20. Treat yourself to a new spring outfit – even if it is to be worn around the house
  21. Give your car some tlc!

Love, AR