21 Things To Do This April

It’s crazy to think that it has been an entire year since we all went into lockdown – since normality, routine and everyday mundane tasks were turned upside down. But for many of us we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as lockdown rules are slowly beginning to relax. Hallelujah! Plus the evenings are lighter and the sun is shining brighter. April is going to be a good month I can feel it, and to make the most of it I’m here to share my 21 Things To Do.

1. Throw a mini ‘coming out of lockdown party’ with 6 family members or friends in your garden

2. Treat yourself to a takeout from you favourite restaurant or pub

3. Head out for a walk and find a blossom tree

4. Take a dip in the sea – It’s undeniably freezing but good for the soul!

5. Rearrange your bedroom. Or clear your closet out, again.

6. Roll out a picnic blanket on your lawn and enjoy an afternoon wrapped up in knits and blankets under the spring sunshine

7. Sit outside till you lose the daylight

8. Start creating your summer playlist

9. Enjoy line drying your washing – blissful!

10. Now that the rules have been eased here in Wales I intend to find new trails to walk – see if there is a walk nearby that you are yet to explore

11. Keep buying those daffs and tulips

12. Buy yourself a new print – it might be a seascape, a quote, a photograph of a great memory. Print it and hang it

13. Treat yourself to that expensive easter egg, it’s well deserved

14. Set up a mini easter egg hunt around your local village/town

15. Celebrate World Earth Day – raise awareness of the environmental issues which face the whole of planet Earth

16. As spring has spring and people are now edging out their home’s, it’s time to put those sweatpants to one side and update that wardrobe for a UK summer.

17. Enjoy breakfast in your garden with that early morning sun

18. Press some flowers – I used to love doing this when I little

19. Head to the garden centre and adopt a new house plant

20. Continue that lockdown no make-up vibe, it suits you

21. Trying getting up 20 minutes earlier to start your day with a slower pace

Enjoy, Love AR