21 Things To Do This May

Well with the majority of things reopened by now it sure is time to head out of the cave and treat yourself.

Beer gardens are calling your name, the thought of dinner being cooked by someone else is making your knees weak, your hair is in inexplicable and the post man is very happy to not be delivering you a new box of clothes each week.

Want to make the most of May 2021, here’s how to…

1. Take an evening walk till the sun goes down

2. Try going meatfree for a week, embrace veggie season

3. Take a break from your phone for an entire weekend

4. Grow a herb garden

5. Get out in them pub gardens

6. Nurse that hangover

7. Support your local restaurant, pub or cafe and head out for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner cooked by someone else

8. Get yourself booked in for those luxury treatments whether it be hair, nails, facials or the job lot

9. Head back to the beer garden

10. Change up your breakfast regime, try something new – I’d really like to try overnight oats

11. Take an afternoon nap – its deserved after all those beer gardens

12. Go shopping!

13. Grab yourself a bargain from your local carboot

14. Welcome a new plant into your house – helps with cleaner air

15. See if your feet can remember how to behave in heels

16. Read a book outside in the sunshine and while away the hours, chapter by chapter. I’m currently trying to get through the first Harry Potter book.

17. Have a fancy schmancy date night. Get out the cheese and wine.

18. Fed up of thinking about what to cook for dinner, try Hello Fresh – lots of new and exciting recipes to try

19. Clean up your social media accounts. If someone isn’t giving you those positive vibes, if they’re not inspiring you, unfollow.

20. If you haven’t already start watching Line of Duty – you won’t regret it

21. Post that obligatory blue sky and blossom photo

Love, AR