House Diaries: Garden Renovation Phase 1

Taking on a home renovation is one thing, taking on a garden renovation at the same time is ambitious and a long haul; let’s be honest those weeds never really disappear.

We are very lucky to have such a great garden, having ample of room for Shep to run around was key to our house hunting and our garden is just the perfect space for him to play and for us to have fun with family and friends.

When we moved into the house everything was very overgrown, especially the hedges that surround the property. They were very tall, thick, entwined with brambles and weeds and needed a mighty trim.

I never thought the garden would be looking like it does today, it feels like we’ve come a long way and in all honesty the garden has definitely seen the most work in the past year. I think that’s solely to get it under some form of control that we can manage.


The first, biggest job we tackled was the hedge at the rear of the garden. With farm fields behind us we wanted to open up our views and get more evening sunlight. With the man power of my dad, sister, and Henry it took us several days to cut down the hedge, pulled up the gigantic roots, weed and eventually reseed. I was very hesitant about removing the hedge at first because I dreaded the mess it would make and how it could look afterwards if it wasn’t maintained. One year on and it is without a doubt the best decision we’ve made so far. I love sitting t the top of the garden in the summer house looking out across the fields and having a much more open garden to enjoy. The only fatal mistake we made was accidentally scattering field seed rather than lawn seed. We did #nomowmay – worst idea, we have to mow the back of the lawn every 2 weeks and no more else it turns into a meadow.

We also removed the front hedge that surrounded the oil tank . Due to the way the hedge had grown and not been maintained it had grown into the tank causing the outer layer to burst open and take on leaves and rain water from bad weathers. Even though this was a savage haircut it meant that we have successfully repaired the oil tank which could have been a hefty cost in winter had we not noticed it. Luckily we didn’t kill the hedge off and its now growing back nicely and I will soon be installing (with the help of my dad) a trellis to guide the hedge growth.

Move In Day
Move In Day
Move In Day
Removing The Hedge
Hedge Removed

All other hedges also had big haircuts thanks to the marvellous work of my mother which took a solid 5 days to complete.

Now that we have such a big space at the back of the garden Henry & I recently made a little vegetable patch which is like my baby. We’ve already got potatoes growing, beetroot and carrots underway, garlic, spinach and leeks sowed too. I can’t wait to enjoy home grown vegetables very soon.

Vegetable Patch In The Making
Vegetable Patch
Garden Today
Garden Today


The past few weeks I have been tackling the little front garden a space in which I hope to transform into a colourful, cottage flower bed.

Some may love Crocosmia’s, myself on the other hand not so much. They looked messy, uncontrollable, grew in an abundance and just didn’t look aesthetically pleasing. It took me about 6 weekends to remove the plants, roots, slate chippings (which have all been re-homed), membrane and well weeding is a never ending job so that continues. But I am so pleased with how it stands so far.

The next plan for this section is to install a little fence so Shep can’t crawl into next door and then when my mum is here in Summer we’re off to the garden centres to buy some plants.

Move In Day
Removing the Roots
My Little Helper
Half Way There
Garden Today

There are so many more garden renovations to come big and small. Stay tuned to see this space transform.

Love, AR