21 Things To Do This July

Summer is officially here, I think. I do wish those blue skies would stay around for longer than 24 hours. But nevertheless I am throwing my arms wide open to all things summery!

  1. Fire up that bbq

2. Book a summer staycation

3. Only to realise there is no availability until 2024

4. Sit inside a pub and enjoy a hot dinner without being wrapped in a blanket or wearing a raincoat

5. Take a walk because you want to and have the freedom to and not because it is the only form of legal exercise

6. Question how you ever used to afford such a luxurious life of eating and drinking out

7. Visit your local ice cream parlour – I’m still awaiting a trip up to Newquay to indulge in the best ice creams flavours I know at Creme Pen Cei.

8. Bust out those flip flops, just remember to paint those toes

9. Sunbathe, but remember your suncream

10. Make your gins and summer beverages look fancy by adding some edible flower ice cubes

11. Go for a picnic – all it takes is a blanket, a basket, a few sandwiches, some snacks and a hot or cold bevvy

12. Go strawberry picking

13. Enjoy line drying your washing again

14. Whizz around a town on an e-scooter

15. Indulge in a proper summery dessert – I’m craving a meringue, whipped cream and lots of raspberries at the moment

16. Update your wardrobe – with summer around the corner it is a perfect time to add a few items to your wardrobe. I find it best to work within your budget from second-hand stores to your favourite shops, a few pieces can freshen up your look!

17. Find a field full of flowers. They are easily one of life’s simple pleasures, from sunflower and lavender fields to woods carpeted with bluebells, definitely one of the best ways to get your fix of the great outdoors.

18. Book a SUP or surf lesson at your closest beach

19. Go wild camping

20. Treat yourself to a lobster roll – they may be pricy but my oh my they are definitely worth the splurge at least once this summer. I highly recommend Cafe Môr at Freshwater West if you’re ever in the area.

21. Finish off your summer evenings with some good ol’ s’mores

Love, AR