21 Things To Do This August

Anyone else cook themselves the past few weeks? I may have but I’m definitely not complaining. This sun has been just what I needed and I’m sure you agree to. It’s lifted everyone’s mood, everyone’s been getting together and enjoying the warm evenings, it has been perfect!

So what’s in store for the next month? Another heatwave or thundery showers. I’d like to think we’re in for 6 sunny weeks but just incase we’re not I’ll throw in a few rainy day activities too.

  1. Enjoy as many beach days as possible
  2. Enjoy an afternoon by the river. Maybe you have a picnic, or go for a row down the river, even head out for a romantic evening punting tour
  3. Camp out in your garden
  4. Go PYO, Pick Your Own. It’s the perfect time to pick some strawberries, blackberries, blueberries. Just remember as you pick its 1 for you and 1 in the pot
  5. Rainy day? Why not have a family bake off. All pick your favourite summer dessert and get baking.
  6. Dine al fresco
  7. Build a sandcastle
  8. Get a tan line!
  9. Have an international food night – invite your family and friends over and indulge in some tasty cuisine. You could even ask each friend/family member to make a dish to bring!
  10. Try out a new water sport! I’ve been thinking about hiring a canoe for a few hours and exploring some more of the Pembrokeshire coastline
  11. Find your local chippy and indulge in some Fish and Chips
  12. Rainy day? Why not head out and play crazy golf – the question is are your there to win or have fun?
  13. Make your own pizzas
  14. Hold a Mini Olympics in your garden, at your local playing field or even at the beach!
  15. Make your own frozen fruit ice lollies – so easy and so many different flavours you could test out
  16. Rainy day? I believe the cinemas are open once again. Go grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and an ice cold drink, sit back and relax.
  17. BBQ, BQQ, BQQ. There is nothing better than the taste and smell of a BBQ
  18. Visit somewhere new. It could be 5, 20 or 50+ miles from your house. Everyone has one or maybe a few places they really want to visit, well now is your chance. Lockdown has lifted, so make your plans and explore once again. I’m definitely considering a trip to Skomer Island this summer to see the puffins.
  19. Have an evening making cocktails at home – my new favourite go to, a Cosmo!
  20. Rainy day? Get that final summer deep clean out the way before the evenings get darker and cooler.
  21. Fire it up! Although it’s sad the end of summer is coming host an end of summer bonfire in your garden or f your lucky enough head to the beach. Roast marshmallows, sip hot chocolate and enjoy the late summer evenings. (Just be careful with fire!)

I actually can’t believe that summer is here and how fast I know it is going to go. Let’s make the most of it!

Love, AR