21 Things To Do This September

So summer came and went pretty abruptly! But I think I’m more than ready to embrace my chunky knits and scented candles again. Whilst autumn doesn’t officially kick off till 22nd September the 1st September signifies the start of changes to come. Schools go back, the nights drawn in quicker and the mornings are darker, frost begins to appear and everyones wardrobe changes. To prep me for these autumnal days to come here are a few things I will be doing this September.

1. Garage clean out

2. Prep that log store

3. Wardrobe clean up – switch those cami’s for your chunky knits

4. Tell everyone you meet that you can’t believe it’s September already.

5. Give in and put the heating on

6. Make a stew – I’m very eager to try out our new slow cooker but I’m a terrible cook so my expectations are low!

7. Go for a walk or jog in the rain

8. Is it to early warm apple cider?

9. Rainy day? Sort out your camera roll – get some photos printed and create an album

10. Take a dip in the sea and warm up with a flask of hot chocolate

11. If you’re the creative type, why not make an autumnal wreath

12. I know it’s early but start throwing a few ideas together for Christmas presents. I always start now but still seem to end up being last minute.

13. Make your first batch of homemade soup, there is no better lunch than a piping hot bowl of soup on a wet windy day

14. Not the most exciting task but check your bank statement – are all your outgoings correct? Are you on track with your savings?

15. Prep your garden – cover up the outdoor furniture, make sure your gutters and drains are clear, give your lawn a trim before it gets too damp


16. Treat yourself to some fluffy slippers and new pyjamas, essentials for those dark evenings

17. Unwind in the evenings – I love this time of year for this matter. I think it’s the only time Henry & I actually sit in the living room, enjoy the log burner and watch TV.

18. Visit your local pub and check out the new seasonal menu

19. If you’re comfortable travelling abroad and follow the government guidelines why not enjoy a city break, there are some amazing places to travel to this time of year.

20. Better yourself, whether its starting a course or joining the gym there is no better time to put yourself first, learn and be better. I’ve started running again in the hope that I can do another half marathon in early 2021.

21. Enjoy time outdoors, whether it be an adventure filled day or just a long walk and always finish off with a pint at the end of the day.

Love, AR