21 Things to Do This October

If you thought those eight legged invasions weren’t enough this time of year, throw in a fuel crisis across the country and you’ll soon experience a unique fear you’ve felt like no other.

1. Go pumpkin picking

2. Invest in some autumnal candles

3. Go stargazing. Pick a clear evening, wrap up warm and admire the vast stars above

4. Perfect your hot chocolate recipe with whipped cream, sprinkles and marshmallows

5. Switch your pastel nails for a dark shade

6. Have an at home date night

7. Dress up your pet for halloween

8. Turn your clocks back an hour

9. Join the rest of the world and take a photo stood in a pile of leaves

10. Check your car is ready for winter – check your tyres, keep a blanket and coat in the boot, have you got some de-icer?

11. Top up your gift supplies. Make sure you’ve got plenty of wrapping paper, tags, tape and stamp.

12. Have a movie marathon

13. Dress you house ready for autumn. @homewithkat_ shares some amazing bargain house pieces very week

14. Try and make friends with the next spider that enters your home

15. Find a mode of transport that takes no fuel, a horse perhaps?

16. Crank the heating up!

17. Start adding cheese and crackers to your weekly shop – I always know we’re edging towards winter when these start appearing in my shop again, they’re definitely our evening treat in the colder months

18. Start planning your Christmas market trips – I’m a big lover of spending a weekend in Bath when the markets are open

19. Check your lip balm stock, we don’t want any sore lips this time of year

20. Visit your favourite National Trust site to see the changing of the leaves and scenery

21. Get yourself some tickets to a halloween spooktacular!

I’d like to sign off by thanking all those who filled up their jerry cans, it may be a long walk to the pumpkin patch this year, after all it’s not like we did any walking last year.

Love, AR