21 Things To Do This November

I LOVE November. Fireworks, sparklers, bonfires, cosy nights by the fire, hot chocolate and marshmallows and big chunky knits. Plus Christmas is only 1 month away so whats not to love as Christmas prep begins.

1. Have your first mince pie of the season

2. Realise 2022 is only 2 months away.

3. Whip up a new batch of soup – I’m keen to try Madeline’s leek, peak and watercress soup with my homegrown leeks

4. Clean out your closet – I was very happy to donate 5 bags of clothes to the charity shop yesterday, I never realised how much of my wardrobe I just never wear.

5. Make mulled wine

6. Do I dare say it… start watching Christmas movies!

7. Take a cold weather hike. Pull on your bobble hat and pack a flask of hot chocolate, breathe in the crisp fresh air and enjoy being out in nature

8. Have a cosy wine and cheese night

9. Create a Christmas budget

10. … And start planning your Christmas gifts and decorations

11. Enjoy your first glass of hot apple cider

12. Watch a firework display

13. OR, watch a firework display from the comfort of your own home and snuggle your pets

14. Tuck into a hearty Sunday roast dinner

15. Followed by a homemade apply crumble

16. Buy, write and post Christmas cards

17. Enjoy an evening by the fire with board games or a jigsaw

18. Support small on black Friday

19. Get your hands on an advent calendar, anything that contains chocolate is all I’m after

20. Purchase your Christmas pyjamas

21. Prepare yourself for the best movie release of the entire year… Sex and the City And Just Like That – I am so unbelievably excited!

Love, AR