13.1 Miles, Can She Do It?

OK, don’t get me wrong I’ve always been the active type ever since I was young. But running, particularly long distance running. No, never been a fan of that. I always remember dreading having to complete the 800m in heptathlon county competitions, from the bang of the gun I just accepted my fate and committedContinue reading “13.1 Miles, Can She Do It?”

Go Below Ultimate Extreme, Snowdonia

Peering into the void and clinging on for dear life we journeyed into the deepest publicly accessible point in the UK through an abandoned slate mine, set within the mountains of Snowdonia.

Wing-Walking Fundraiser

For my 21st birthday in January my boyfriend bought me a wing-walking experience. I never thought he listened to my mad ideas but this had to be the best birthday surprise ever! The last time I did a fundraiser was in 2014 when I completed the 11,000ft skydive. The experience was surreal and once IContinue reading “Wing-Walking Fundraiser”