Welcome, the 0.01% of the population actually reading this, I’m Alice and this is my tiny slice of the tinternet.

So this started, this being me rambling on about everything and anything, about a year ago, simply as a place to off-load what was going on inside my wee lil head, albeit very sporadically.

I never expect, or expected people to actually read what I had to say but to those that have so far, thank you. For me having my blog is a creative outlet & it provides me with a great feeling of satisfaction & extreme catharsis.

Anyways, hi there, nice of you to pop on over. Want to know a few things about me?

  • I recently turned 23 and celebrated in magnificent style skiing in Morzine.
  • Up until a year and a half ago I used to live in a tiny village surrounded by rolling hills in the middle of the Peak District now I live, wait for it… yep, in an even smaller village surrounded by even more rolling hills in Pembrokeshire!
  • My eyes disappear when I smile
  • Chocolate is my weakness
  • Banoffee pie is my ultimate go-to dessert
  • My favourite animals are highland cattle
  • I like to think I’m the adventurous type, anything that gets the adrenalin rushing I jump at the chance to do!
  • Fresh bedding makes me a very happy girl
  • Michael McIntyre makes me cry with laughter
  • Stationary, homeware and gift shops are my way of life
  • One day I would like to own my own gift shop, on wheels!
  • And a cup of tea solves practically most my life problems!


So yeah, enough about me go find something that tickles your fancy to read